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About Me

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About Me

Hungry for knowledge and eager to learn, motivated by making a change through valuable, high-quality products and services


Favorite fruit: Kiwi 

Inspired by: Leonardo da Vinci

Tea or coffee: Coffee, no hesitation!

Favorite book: Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari

Hobbies: Camping and cold water bathing

Current interest: Artificial intelligence 

I am a 27 year old designer and engineer. Currently, I work at Frog, in Norway, where I'm designing digital services and products. I have a degree from The Technical University of Denmark in BEng. Process and Innovation. And have since then taken multiple certifications to continue my learning journey, from companies such as Google and Meta as well as universities such as Vanderbilt. See the full list of skills and knowledge on LinkedIn  

Motivated by making a positive change, my goal is to create and improve products and businesses benefitting people, profit, and the planet. To me innovation is solving the right problem with the right solution, implementing it, and experiencing the effect. That is how I would like to make an impact.

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