On this page, I will give an overview of the creations I've made as part of projects. To see more about the project considerations, design decisions, teamwork, and problem-solving, make sure to open the projects individually. 


The mission: Increase the demand for seaweed and help the production industry grow to multiply the sustainable effects from seaweed cultivation.


The outcome: The startup company Omtange delivering educational growth kits as science projects for school kids, teaching them to cultivate and cook seaweed.


My role in the project: Research and development, Programming, Business development, and Communication.      

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The mission: Help to provide a good night's sleep for families with babies.


The outcome: The startup company Night Care, delivering sleep trainers for babies helping them to get into a sleep pattern of sleeping through the night.


My role in the project: Research and development, economics and business.       

Community Lamp

The mission: Designing a lamp fitting into the product line of Louis Poulsen, which can be produced on Mars for the first Mars settlement.


The outcome: A product concept of a lamp which is to be produced in fungi cultivated on mars.


My role in the project: Planning production, conceptualization and prototyping, and calculating environmental impact.     

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Corona Studystart

The mission: Give the 2,000 new students at DTU the best possible start to their studies.


The outcome: 250 tutors arranging social and profession-focused events for the freshman under safe circumstances as well as weekly informative meetings.


My role in the project: Head of the economy, Project Manager of two tutor teams, and education planning for the tutors.