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Creator's Enchantment

Creator's Enchantment is a modification of an already existing learning platform to help amateur and professional creatives build healthy lasting learning habits. It takes the already existing learning content within the existing learning platform but promotes the learning content as an appealing story telling within magical role playing game. I designed the concept as part of the Google UX design certification on Coursera. Here I was tasked to design a web service for finding and viewing art tutorials. 

In this article I will share my thoughts on the concept as well as the design process.  Try the interactive Figma prototype here


Screen Assembly Creators Enchantment.png

Welcome to Creator's Enchantment, where the journey of learning and artistic improvement begins. As soon as you sign up, you enter a magical world that inspires and motivates you to pursue your creative passions. As you complete lessons and courses, you gain experience and rewards, which can be used to build up your character and showcase your creative endeavors to others on the platform. With new magical equipment, your character becomes a medium for expressing your artistry outside of the game. Experience is measured by two elements, Mastery and Charisma. Mastery is gained by progressing through courses, taking quizzes, and submitting deliverables, while Charisma is gained through co-creation of art projects, participating in contests and events, and sharing and reacting to other people's creations - let the magic of learning and creativity take you on a journey of discovery and growth

Hook Cycles


Previously this year I read the book Hooked - How To Build Habit Forming Products by the behavioral design expert  Nir Eyal. Nir Eyal introduces the practical framework of hook cycles that if implemented correctly encourage habit-forming behavior. I was greatly inspired by the book as it served as an ideal reference for Creator's Enchantment,  with its aims to help amateur and professional creatives develop the habit of continuous learning to progress their creative journey.

All rights to the depiction of the hook model goes to Nir Eyal

User Flow

Through magical storytelling, players are subject to the Hooked Cycle . The game facilitates goal setting to direct engagement towards real-life goals. Upon entering the platform, players see an immersive full-screen display of their progress, nudging them to take action. Completing lessons and courses earns players 'mastery' and 'chests', which, along with storytelling, serve as variable rewards. 5 minutes uninterrupted learning rewards players 'fire' with continuous learning resulting in further rewards, building internal triggers. Investment is facilitated through time spent on learning and spending earned coins on equipment to style their character. Engagement with the community earns players 'charisma' through co-creation of art projects, participation in contests and events, and sharing and reacting to other players' creations. This will ideally result in real world meaningful friendships. However it would also facilitate forming of responsibility partners serving as external triggers to encourage returning and continued use of the platform.

Goal Setting


The interactive skill tree in Creator's Enchantment is a powerful tool for goal-setting and learning progression. It shows players where to start their learning journey and which skills are fundamental for building upon. The skill tree also displays the synergizing effects of different skills, helping players develop valuable proficiencies and niches. With the skill tree, players can easily chart a path towards their desired learning outcomes, while also gaining a deeper understanding of how different skills and techniques fit together to create a cohesive and well-rounded skillset

Creators Enchantment Resonsive Stripe.png

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a design principle to create user interfaces that adapt to different screen sizes. As the digital landscape evolves and device preferences change, it's essential for a digital service to remain user-friendly and accessible for all users. This ultimately enhances engagement and increases conversion rates.

Creation Process and design considerations 


The process taught in the google UX design course is based from the Design Thinking Process originally coined by Ideo. The activities for each of the phases here at the course was highly structured with clear next steps for the given situation. To me this has been extremely gifting as the course have expanded my "tool box" of problem solving approaches. I will in the following part of this case study showcase the tools used here.  

All rights for the picture above goes to Google UX Design on Coursera.

Creators Enchantment Personas.png

Following a series of user interviews, three personas were created using Google's persona templates. The personas were developed as a means of empathizing with potential users of Creator's Enchantment. During the creation process, the generative AI image tool MidJourney was experimented with and used in conjunction with Photoshop to create the persona picture

Idea Container.png
Site Map Container.png
Digital Hand Drawn Wireframes.png

To advance the concept, Crazy Eights brainstorming, site mapping, and a series of digital hand-drawn wireframes were created with a focus on efficiency and productivity. Visualizing the site was the most effective way to reflect on the service's functionality. 

Low-Fi Prototype Container.png

For experimentation Adobe XD was used to design the low-fidelity prototype. The prototype served as a discussion tool during usability testing, which provided valuable insights that were incorporated into the final hi-fidelity conceptual prototypes. Check out my low-fidelity prototype and see the user experience in action here

AI Collage Compromized.jpeg

After testing the low-fidelity prototype, I started creating the content for the hi-fidelity app. During this process, I found that the image generative AI tool Midourney was a great tool for conceptualizing and testing different styles for the digital service. With the help of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, the tool was even used to create assets within the prototype. This approach allowed for greater creativity and flexibility in the design process, resulting in a more visually appealing and engaging final product.

Thank you for reading! I sincerely appreciate your interest in my creation piece. If you have any questions, comments or feedback regarding the creation, please reach out, I'll love to hear from you and give you my thoughts.

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